NYC Limo Ride and Etiquette

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Spending the day or night riding around NYC in a limo is a great experience. You will have a well-trained chauffeur drive you wherever you want to go. However, you need to treat your limo and your limo driver with respect. What are some things to keep in mind when you use a limo service in New York?

Be Ready When The Limo Gets There

Remember the Limo service is usually by the hour. Make sure you gave the correct address and if you have other stops, make sure those addresses are confirmed as well. At best, you are throwing money away as most people pay for a limo by the hour. At worst, the limo ride may take a lot longer than expected and you will not arrive at your destination on time.

Try To Keep Unscheduled Pit Stops To A Minimum

Your driver will be happy to accommodate as many requests as possible. For example, if you need to pick up a friend or group member at his or her house or place of work instead of at the original pick-up address, your driver will be understanding. However, if you have your driver stopping every 10 minutes to check out a new shopping mall, your ride will be a lot more expensive than initially quoted.

Always Remember To Tip Your Driver

While most limo companies will add a gratuity to your bill, you should always give your driver a little extra for being so good to you. A simple tip when he or she opens the door for you or a bottle of champagne can be the perfect way to say thank you to the person who has spent the day or evening making sure that you had prompt and reliable transportation in NYC.

Keep The Limo Clean

It is on you and your party to keep the limo as clean as possible. Although some accidents are unavoidable, you should clean up as much debris and garbage as possible. You may be charged extra if the limo has to be cleaned after you use it due to excessive garbage or if there was shattered glass on the carpet.

Riding in a limo is something that you don’t get to do on a regular basis. Therefore, you should enjoy the experience as much as possible. While you are using the limo in New York City, make sure to treat your driver well and keep the car clean. This basic etiquette will ensure you and your party will have the best time possible and the Limo company will be very grateful as well.

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