5 Important Considerations Before Booking Prom Transportation

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Prom season is a fun, exciting, and challenging time for all attending the festivities. Finding a date, setting up a super elaborate ask to prom, finding a tuxedo or perfect dress, and finding prom transportation are all things that need to be addressed before the big night. Event transportation is often the last thought when it comes to prom; however, it is vital to place transportation at the top of your New York prom checklist. This article will offer five important considerations before booking your event transportation.

1. Set a Budget

Before beginning your search for the perfect vehicle, it is essential to set a strict budget for your transportation. Setting a strict budget will make your search more fruitful, as you will not waste time looking at vehicles outside your means.

When a group is traveling together, it is essential to have a budget, so everyone in the group knows what is expected of them when it comes to payment. Traveling as a group can help lower overall costs and be a lot of fun. Setting a budget will ensure nobody in your group will be surprised by the cost at the last minute. Booking a Mercedes Sprinter Van can be an excellent option for a group.

2. Pre and Post-Prom Itinerary

Knowing where and when you will need transportation is critical to understand before booking a transportation service. Transportation companies have different prices for different options, and these prices vary depending on wait times and where you will be traveling. Be sure to set your pre and post-prom itinerary, so you can let the transportation company understand your exact needs.

If you are traveling as a group, a great way to save money on your transportation costs is to have all in the group meet in one place for pick up. Having a pickup in one place means the driver will not have to pick up individuals, which means savings. If you plan on a pre-or post-prom dinner, include this in your itinerary, as it is important to understand how many hours you will need the transportation booked.

Finding the Perfect Vehicle

Once you have a budget, a number of passengers, and an itinerary set, it is time to find the perfect vehicle. The best place to search is online; however, if you ever have a question, reach out directly to the transportation company for answers.

A smaller vehicle can do the trick depending on the number of passengers. If there are only two or three passengers, a Lincoln MKT Town Car will undoubtedly cover your needs. However, if your group is larger, you may need a larger vehicle to handle your group. No matter your needs, there is a vehicle that will make your New York prom special.

While researching, understand all the amenities that come with a vehicle. Take note of passenger space, baggage space, and any other amenities, such as free water or wifi.

Compare and Save

You found the perfect vehicle, which is great, but you want to make an extra effort to compare prices. After you find the ideal vehicle, check on prices with different companies, and you may be able to save. Many quote requests can be made online; however, if you don’t find a price, be sure to call the company to get a quote. Be wary of quotes that are significantly cheaper than anyone else. You are likely to get what you pay for.

Book Early

Prom is a very busy season for transportation companies, and they have a limited fleet to be booked. It is imperative to figure out the date of your prom and book as far in advance as possible. Don’t wait until the last minute, as your car of choice could already be booked.

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